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“Amazing product! The ladies love the scent and so do I.” — Enrique

“Makes your beard feel like a beard should.” — R.

“… blown away with how great this stuff is…” — S.J.

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Products for the bearded man

Since 2005, we've specialized in beard wash, beard conditioner, and beard lotion to help you maintain your facial hair. Our beard care products, always tested on real beards, are formulated to cure beard itch, make tough beards manageable, and leave your skin and facial hair smooth, healthy, and smelling great.

Our online shop offers a range of beard care products for men that are specially formulated for both beard and skin care. A man's facial hair is different from the hair on his head. It's important that what you use to wash and care for your beard every day does the job for both the hair and the skin on your face.

Better than Shampoo

If you're looking for the best beard shampoo, what you really want is beard wash: strong enough to treat tough, coarse facial hair but gentle enough for the skin underneath. No ingrown hairs allowed!
If we act like we invented beard wash, it's because we did. We could go on and tell you why wash is better than shampoo, but try it for yourself and you'll understand.

The Beard Oil Alternative

Looking for something to keep your beard soft and looking its best throughout the day? Try the beard oil alternative, Bluebeards Original Beard Saver, the leave-in conditioner that started it all.
We've got beard washes, beard lotions and conditioners, and beard care gift sets, which are hand beard grooming kits combining two or three of our essential beard care products for your best beard and the most bang for your buck.

The Bluebeards Original Difference

Our award winning beard care supplies are the reason marketers and investors keep dreaming up new brands with pretty bottles and rules for how to live your life. We leave your lifestyle up to you. We're just here to help you get a softer, more manageable, better smelling beard without the pain of beard itch, flaky skin, and ingrown hairs.

Bluebeards Original is committed to delivering the highest quality and helping you to maintain your unique look. We invite you to become a Bluebeard and to try our full range beard grooming supplies. We know you’ll be satisfied.

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